Saturday, 11 June 2011

Pancake Creek

We're now at anchor in Pancake Creek (24 01.6S 151 44.2E) in persistent rain and 11 degrees C temperature.  Feels like we're in Albany WA, not sunny Queensland!  That aside it's great to have moved further north and be on our way again.

We logged 284nm through the water from Mooloolaba compared to about 240nm over the ground.  That is, we were set back over 40nm by adverse currents.  Put another way, our average boat speed was 6 knots but we averaged 5 over the ground.  We had 0.5 knots against us from Mooloolaba until half way up Fraser Island.  There the current increased to 3 knots against us.  An hour or so later the wind died so we had to motor into the current for about 4 hours.  It felt like we'd be there forever, but eventually we rounded the spit.

The leg through the Curtis Channel and then to Pancake Creek was initially a nice beam reach in 10-15 knots of wind.  Then it started raining and the wind built to 25 knots or so.  It was great to sail into the creek and drop anchor.  At the moment we're in the lower creek since the best anchorage can only be reached when the tide comes in.  We'll move up there sometime.

According to the weather forecasts the rain won't stop until Tuesday.  Just as well we have plenty of reading material!

Hope all's well where you are.

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