Sunday, 12 June 2011

Pancake Creek Day 2

Day two at Pancake Creek was occupied with relaxing and cleaning up the boat.  We are now further up the creek (so to speak) at the more protected anchorage.  We motored up on the high tide yesterday afternoon.  We found Smart Move and Splash there - the two boats we sailed with from Coffs Harbour to Southport.

Today started very well with a bacon and egg breakfast.  We love the smell of bacon in the morning!

Bacon breakfast
Best of all it had stopped raining and the sun reappeared.  We spent the morning cleaning the boat and drying our gear after yesterday's soaking.  There are about a dozen boats in the creek.  The tide runs quite fast - up to about 2 knots.  With the strong wind last night I suspect a lot of skippers were on anchor watch at each turn of the tide to check their boats were staying put, and clear of neighbours.

Drying out in Pancake Creek
We spent much of the afternoon on Splash where we met the folks from the yacht Amaris.  A very pleasant afternoon.  Peter kindly collected us in his dinghy since our outboard refused to start.  Rowing a flat bottomed dinghy against the current wouldn't have been wise.  The outboard finally started after we returned to Zen Again.  I don't think it appreciated yesterday's soaking rain.  We've added making a cover for it to the to-do list.  Being aboard Splash gave us a chance to get some pictures of Zen Again...

Late afternoon in Pancake Creek
We expect to remain here until Tuesday when we'll continue north.  Perhaps direct to Island Head or possibly to somewhere closer.

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  1. Mike
    Great blog - especially for those of us stuck in the Bay
    Keep up the good work