Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Grand Baie to Port Louis

Hi everyone,
Today we sailed back to Port Louis from Grand Baie.  We had a nice SE wind initially but it turned SSW (on the nose) about halfway.  The engine hadn't had a workout for some time so we decided to give it a run.  It appeared to enjoy it thankfully!

Here is our track...

Zen Again track
We arrived back in the Caudan Waterfront at 1430 and rafted up alongside Vulcan Spirit.  By 1530 we were at the DHL office collecting one of the two parcels we've been waiting for.

The parcel contained a new spare autopilot ram.  We now have this new unit, one bought in 2012 and the original bought in 2010.  The latter is currently in pieces being repaired - it doesn't appear to be dead yet.

When testing the new ram we found a loose connection to the primary autopilot's course computer.  It had been misbehaving recently and it was good to find the problem and fix it.

Most of the boats we've been sailing with are departing for Reunion tomorrow.  We have to wait until our second parcel arrives.  We know it is on the island but does not appear to have cleared customs yet.  This package contains a new masthead nav light plus replacement water triggers and strobes for our automatic danbuoy.

Before leaving Grand Baie we gave a FSC burgee to the club manager.  Hopefully he will add it to the array of burgees around the club.  GBYC is a very nice spot.  We enjoyed our stay there.

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