Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Rodrigues Arrival

Hi everyone,
We arrived at Port Mathurin on Rodrigues Island at 0800 this morning. It was great to arrive. We were welcomed by the crews of Vulcan Spirit and Silver Girl. We tied up at the main jetty. Health, Coastguard, Immigration and Customs officials visited us in turn over the next two hours. By 1000 we were cleared in. Lots of forms but everyone very pleasant and friendly.

Rodriguez in sight!
 Our last day at sea was good. We had a great sail yesterday mostly under triple-furled yankee and double-reefed main in around 20 knots of breeze. Overnight we dropped the main and sailed under the yankee alone so as to arrive after dawn. Our final day's run was 136nm.

Following the tug Solitaire into Port Mathurin
 After clearing-in we spent the rest of the morning washing down the deck (using the non-potable water available at the jetty), cleaning below and started on the s/s polishing. This afternoon we'll go into town to find some bread and perhaps SIM cards for our phones.

Alongside the jetty
I'll post a summary of the trip in the next day or two.

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