Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Rodrigues Departure

Hi everyone,
We departed Port Mathurin at 1030 on Tuesday. We had a very pleasant sail along the north coast of the island in gradually increasing winds. Once clear of the island we had about 20 knots of S wind which gave us a nice beam reach. We've been sitting on 7+ knots since then.

Our current position is 19 41S 61 51E. The wind is SSE 15-18 knots with a long 2m SSW swell and 1.5m sea. We logged 94nm to midnight, 87 from noon to midnight. Unfortunately the wind looks like moderating, otherwise we might do a 170nm day!

Tonight we had a sliver of a moon for a few hours but it set long ago. Since then we've had a starry sky except when occasional clouds block the view. We are sailing in loose company with Impala, Shayler, Vulcan Spriti and Y Not. All are bigger than us and are now well ahead except for Y Not which departed later and is a few miles off our port bow, slowly pulling away.

The passage to Port Louis in Mauritius is 350nm. With luck we might get there on Thursday before dark. More likely we'll arrive ater dark and have to anchor overnight outside the port. Port Louis is closed at night with no movements permitted in or out.

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