Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Rodrigues Outbound Day 1

Hi everyone,
We are currently at position 19 47S 60 26E, sailing at 7.5knots on a course of 290M. The wind is 15-20 knots from the SSE with a long 3m swell and a 2m sea. We are beam reaching under full main and double-furled yankee. Our day's run was an amazing 175nm from noon to noon and we have 178nm to run to Port Louis. The day's run gives an average of 7.3 knots which is slightly more than our theoretical hull speed. We're not surfing on waves since they are on the beam.

The wind has been quite steady since the early hours of this morning. Occasionally it seems to be dropping but it keeps on filling in again. In terms of putting miles behind us this is definitely champagne sailing. The wind is supposed to decrease over the next day or so but hopefully it will hold in for us to complete this 350nm passage in 2 days or so. We need to get to Port Louis before dark to enter the port, otherwise we have to anchor off overnight.

I'll be very surprised if some of the boats out here with us haven't done 200nm days today. It is perfect weather for it. It reminds us of our reach up the W coast of Tasmania in our previous boat Degrees of Freedom. Fast.

Trust all's well where you are.

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