Friday, 18 September 2015

Mauritius Arrival and Passage Summary

Hi everyone,
We arrived in Port Louis at 1700 yesterday afternoon after a great passage from Port Mathurin, Rodrigues Island.  We are now moored alongside the Customs Dock at 20 09.6S 57 20.0E in company with Vulcan Spirit and Y Not.

Here are the usual graphics...

Zen Again Track
Zen Again Speed
The speed plot shows speed over ground (from GPS).  The 8 knot period is when we had some current assistance.
Eating the Elephant - Year To Date
Next the vital statistics...
  • Distances/Speeds
    • Logged distance = 372nm
    • GPS distance = 355nm (so overall the current was against us)
    • Duration = 2 days 6.5 hours
    • Average speed = 6.8 knots !!!
    • Average day's run = 163nm
    • Best day's run = 175nm !!!
    • Minimum speed = 5.0 knots
    • Maximum speed = 9.0 knots
  • Weather
    • Minimum wind speed = 8 knots
    • Maximum wind speed = 22 knots
    • Apparent wind angle range = 70 to 160
    • Seas up to 2m
    • Swell up to 3m, from SE and SSW
    • Partly overcast, partly scattered cloud, no rain
  • Engine
    • Total = 10 hours
    • Driving = 8 hours
    • Charging = 2 hours
  • Failures
    • None
  • Stars
    • The weather and the boat!

On Wednesday night we had an interesting experience with the AIS.  We picked up a target whose speed was 175 knots.  It turned out to be a SAR aircraft...

Coastguard Aircraft on AIS (SEAiq on iPad screenshot)
We had a great sail around the islands N of Mauritius then down the W coast to Port Louis.  We passed outside of the islands since the tide was flooding, producing up to 4 knots of contrary current.  Even outside the islands we had 1 knot of current against us.  Just as well we were doing 7.5 knots through the water.

Approach track
Flat Island and Pigeon Rock with Mauritius in background
Southbound towards Mauritius
Approaching Port Louis
Entering Port Louis
Alongside the Customs Dock
We arrived at the dock at 1700 and were concerned we may not be cleared in immediately.  In the event we were cleared in by customs and coastguard straight away, and by immigration an hour later. A lot of forms to fill in but otherwise straightforward.  Within an hour we were having drinks with the crews of OCC boats Vulcan Spirit, Minnie B and Sea Bunny at the adjacent bar, followed by dinner with the crew of Y Not.

At dinner Gunter commented on how long it took them to overtake us on Tuesday night (all night). He said our boat is "bloody fast".  That rounded out the day nicely!  ;)

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