Thursday, 17 September 2015

Mauritius Inbound Day 2

Hi everyone,
We are currently in position 19 54S 57 35E, sailing at 7.5 knots on a course of 230M. The wind is 15 knots from the SE and we are out of the swell! We are close reaching past the islands off the N coast of Mauritius with the main island on our port bow. It is a spectacular sight.

Our day's run to noon today was 157nm which is good but sadly we were motor-sailing for several hours this morning in an attempt to make it to Port Louis before the port closes this evening. It's "going down to the wire".

Last night started with a clear sky. We had a sliver of moon which created a stairway to the horizon from our bow, with bright stars overhead. Nice. Unfortunately cloud came over mid-evening and from then it was a dark night. The wind held in until dawn but then dropped to 6-8 knots on our quarter which brought our speed down to less than 5 knots. Motor sailing got us going again and charged the batteries nicely.

It is nice to be finishing the passage under sail and in flat water. With a little luck we'll make it to Port Louis in time and be able to join the other (bigger) boats which arrived earlier today.

It has been a very pleasant passage, and a fast one too. The boat certainly likes beam reaching. Pictures and stats in the next posting.

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