Friday, 17 August 2012

Anchored at Kroko Island

Hi everyone,
We had a very nice sail from Lewoleba to Kroko Island this morning. It was only a 10nm passage but it took us to a different world. Absolutely clean water, beautiful sand cay, great reef, at least 4 volcanos in sight, and no noise from any nearby town. Marvellous. We are anchored at 08 14.63S 123 19.56E in 16m over a sandy bottom. I watched the anchor descend all the way, then watched it as we paid out our chain. I only lost it when it was about 20-25m away.

Zen Again Track
Chart of Kroko Island
GoogleEarth image of Kroko Island
We managed to time the tides through Selat Boling correctly and had 1 to 2 knots of current with us. We were in loose company with Jolie Brise (a Magpie 34) and Sostene (a 33 footer). We had a nice 10-12 SW breeze to get us out of the bay, then a light 5-6 knot S breeze up the strait. Jolie Brise put up their asymetric to catch us, and then followed us through the narrow channel between the main island (Adonara) and the offlying islets to the anchorage. This anchorage is #10 in the "101 Anchorages in Indonesia" book. It's not surprising it made it into the book since it is very scenic.

Jolie Brise

Zen Again
We anchored with a group of 5 Canadian and US yachts who have been here for several days. We met them on the cay during the afternoon while preparing to go snorkelling. We all went ashore to the cay for sundowners which was very pleasant. They are departing tomorrow but I'm sure we'll see them again "down the track".

Anchored at Kroko Island
Lovely sand beach
The boats from the beach
The snorkeling was very good, with clown fish amoungst the many types seen. Lots of soft corals. We'll certainly be staying for another day to see more of the sights.

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