Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Pulau Besar

Hi everyone,
Today we sailed from Tanjung Gedong to Pulau Besar, a distance of about 30nm. We motored for about half of the trip, and then a nice sea breeze arrived. For the last hour or so we "raced" alongside a 40' yacht and held our own. ;) We entered the anchorage through the passage between the reefs which were very easy to see with polorised sunglasses. Unusually it took us three attempts at anchoring. The first attempt the anchor dragged, the second we found ourselves over a shallow coral outcrop, and finally third time lucky.

Zen Again Track
We had a pleasant evening last night at Tanjung Gedong. We were invited aboard the French yacht Alibi along with the crew of French yacht Shangri-La. We took some dip and some olives and tried some very nice French drinks, including a whisky. Their English is very variable, as is our French. Nicki is pretty good while I am gradually remembering my schoolboy French vocabulary.

Approaching the anchorage
At anchor
The anchorage is surrounded by some quite tall hills/mountains, and there is a very neat and tidy looking village on the shore nearby. There is supposed to be good snorkelling nearby but I found the water quite murky when I went for a quick look after anchoring. We may push on tomorrow, or possibly spend a day here.

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