Sunday, 19 August 2012

Kroko Island (Day 3)

Hi everyone,
Today we stayed at Kroko Island. We spent much of the morning continuing to clean the hull, which is now looking pretty good. We could clearly see the bottom and at one stage saw the local manta ray snooping about on the bottom below us.

Cleaning the hull (with help from a few little friends)
Zen Again
Amazing coral "islands" amid the sea grasses
Clown fish
Just another bommie?
Scorpion fish (lower right)
In the afternoon about 6 more boats joined us in the anchorage, including our Tipperary Waters friends on Kokomo V and Nefertiti 1. The crews from all 11 boats met on the beach for sundowners in the late afternoon. Prior to that we did a little more snorkelling and found some very nice spots west of the sandy cay.

Tomorrow morning we will depart towards the anchorage near Teluk Gedong, just around the northmost point of Flores Island.

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