Sunday, 26 August 2012


Hi everyone,
Today we sailed from Maumere to Mausambi, logging a distance of 37nm in 7 hours 30 minutes.  We had light winds and motored all but the last hour.  It was a nice passage past very varied scenery.  For most of the passage we were within 0.5nm of Kokomo V, so we took pictures of each-other and they took some great video of us.

Zen Again Track
On arrival we anchored in 14m over sand at 08 30.204S 121 47.201E.  That's between two reefs which run W-E.  One can anchor south of both or between them.  We are between the two.

We are now anchored near two Swedish and one German yacht, with Kokomo V, Nefertiti 1 and Dutch yacht Dalwhinnie anchored on the other side of the reef.  An hour or so after arriving a fish feeding frenzie erupted nearby.

Anchored in Mausambi in midst of a feeding frenzy
Here are some of the photos of Kokomo V and Zen Again as we motor-sailed along today...

Zen Again
Kokomo V
Later in the afternoon we went for a swim to continue cleaning the hull.  We're on the last stage - cleaning the keel.  That shows two things - we're nearly done, and our diving is improving!

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