Friday, 10 August 2012

Kura on Pantar Island

Hi everyone,
Today we sailed from Kalabahi on Alor Island to Kura on Pantar Island.  Actually, we motored most of the way yet again due to very light winds.  A sea breeze came in when we were 5nm from Kura and we had a nice sail "home".

We got underway at 0530, a little after first light.  Our windlass is misbehaving which delayed our actual departure a little.  We motored down the bay and out into Selat (Strait) Pantar.  The tides we not in our favour but at least were not particularly strong.

Once we got out of the strait we had a light E wind and a 1.5m swell from the NE.  Very rolly and uncomfortable with the main trying to gybe constantly.  In the end we dropped all sail to stop wear and tear.

As we headed SW down the coast of Pulau (Island) Pantar the sea breeze slowly built and the swell died away.  We had a really nice sail for the last hour.

Approaching the anchorage
Entering the anchorage was straight-forward.  Very easy by eye but beware - the charts are offset.  However the googleearth images we converted into "charts" are very accurate.  Well worth the effort.

Zen Again Track 
Arrival track on chart
Arrival track in GoogleEarth "chart"
After arriving we both went for a swim to give the hull a bit of a clean.  Slime and a few barnacles only on the hull, so can't complain.  Didn't get close enough to the keel to check closely but it doesn't seem too bad.  What we did find was a plastic bag around the propellor, which probably explains why we seemed a little slow under motor!
NZ yacht Recluse at anchor
US yacht Imagine at anchor
Steve and Anne from Recluse joined us aboard for sundowners, and we spoke briefly with Stewart and Sheila from the US yacht Imagine.  US yacht Destiny is here in the anchorage too.

So tonight we're anchored at 08 22.267S 124 05.994E in 15m of water, in a very well protected anchorage.  The callers at the local mosque aren't quite as loud nor the roosters as energetic as those in Kalabahi - thankfully!

Tomorrow we plan to sail to Pulau Kawula which is the next large island on our path west.

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