Saturday, 18 August 2012

Kroko Island (day 2)

Hi everyone,
We had a wonderful day here at Kroko Island. We slept like the dead after all the swimming yesterday. When we woke a strong SE breeze was blowing up from Selat Boling and all the other yachts had departed. We had this lovely place all to ourselves all morning. Early in the afternoon four French yachts arrived from Lewoleba.  Ananda, Alibi, Charlene and Shangri-La.

Dirty hull, crystal clean water
Late in the morning and in the early afternoon we had two sessions cleaning the hull of Zen Again. This is the first place we've visited where visibility is really good, and that's a big help in cleaning. The visibility is so good you can see the chain arcing down to the bottom (16m down) and running along the bottom for a 10m before it becomes indistinct. The hull isn't terribly dirty, but getting rid of the growth while we have the opportunity is a "must do". Before, during and after the cleaning the boat is surrounded by hundreds of tiny fish plus a few of up to 10cm length. A school of black and white striped fish about 2.5cm long appear to like our prop shaft. All very colourful.

Spot the shy clown fish
An amazing experience
Fantastic corals
Lots of fish
Mid afternoon we dinghied ashore and went snorkelling around the sand cay. We found even better areas than yesterday. Spectacular. Many, many types of fish, several types of starfish and many types of coral. After the snorkelling we visited all the French boats to invite them to sundowners on the cay. Three of the crews came ashore and we had a fun time resurrecting our French and chatting with them in English and French. They (like us) were planning to move on tomorrow but have now decided to stay one more day.

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