Thursday, 16 August 2012

Lewoleba Welcome and Dinner

Hi everyone,
We're having a great time here in Lewoleba on Lembata Island (aka Tawula Island).  On Tuesday we had the formal welcoming ceremony and dinner.

The welcoming ceremony started at 1400 and went to 1700.  It involved traditional music and dance on the open area near the dinghy pontoon in the harbour, followed by a procession into the town centre about 2km away.  Many different dance groups were involved in the procession, which also featured several ponies and a vehicle dressed up as a whale.

Welcoming Ceremony

Procession into town
The lads
The ladies
All in all it was a very colourful welcome with minimal speeches and maximum action.  Good fun.

After a break of a few hours we all reassembled in the harbour for dinner.  There were a few more speeches, and story-telling dances before and during dinner.  After dinner we were all invited to join in with the dancing.  No photos since this time we both took part.  Great fun.

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