Monday, 27 August 2012

Tangil Island

Hi everyone,
Today we had a good passage from Mausambi to Tangil Island. The island is near the town of Riung on Flores Island. We logged 43nm in 8 hours and 20 minutes, motor-sailing most of the way. We had one hour of engine-less sailing but sadly the wind was light all day. At times the sea was "glassed out". Our work cleaning the hull paid off. Previously we'd get 4.3-4.4 knots at 1800rpm. Now we're getting 4.9-5.0 knots. That has improved our average speed in passages like today's significantly.

Zen Again Track
We were originally planning to head a little further west, but we heard the magic words "sand cay" on the radio and diverted here. On arrival we found at least a dozen yachts anchored. The anchorage is deep but it adjacent to a spectacular sandy beach on a small island. By sundown there were 19 yachts here.

Tangil Island anchorage
After anchoring at 08 33.362S 121 03.425E in 18m over sand we swam ashore for a snorkel near the beach. Although much of the coral is dead, there is some live coral and plenty of colourful fish. There were bigger fish around the drop-off and we saw a barracuda - the first we've ever seen alive. We plan to explore further tomorrow.

Parrot Fish 
Amazing fish and corals
Zen Again
Quiet anchorage
Nice view of the beach and anchorage
Setting sun at Tangil Island
At 5pm we went ashore to the beach for sundowners with half a dozen other boats - Dol Selene, Recluse, Blue Healer, Jolie Brise, Sostene and Mojo. Nice sunset in good company. After sunset we discovered the island isn't uninhabited - it is owned by the rats. They descended from the hill to claim their territory. They were big. We left!

Trust all's well where you are.

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