Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Carnarvon Outbound Day 1

Hi everyone,
We are currently sailing along very slowly (about 2 knots) in a 2-4knot SE breeze. There is a 3m swell which is making it hard work with the main and headsail both slatting to and fro frequently. Our position is 23 53S 111 48E.

We had a great sail yesterday and headed west to keep the boat sailing well as the wind lightened off during the evening. Later we gybed and headed north. At 0100 last night we turned the motor on because the wind was very light and the sails were slatting so badly they were shaking the whole boat. Motoring steadied things down and we motored for 9 hours in very light wind and significant swell. You know the wind is light when the swell moving you around creates more apparent wind than the actual wind!

Despite the light winds we logged 130nm in our first 24 hours at sea. Vulcan Spirit is 40nm behind us since they managed not to motor. When we spoke to them this morning they had 10 knots of breeze while we had next to nothing - the ocean was nearly glassed out around us.

It was great to turn the motor off an hour ago and resume sailing. The breeze does seem to be gradually settling in and the slatting is decreasing (although that may be wishful thinking)! It has been overcast since our departure. Hoping to see the sun eventually.

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