Sunday, 12 July 2015


Hi everyone,
We're enjoying our stay in Carnarvon.  There have been strong winds every day until today.  The wind has been very chilly and we had to dig out our thick sleeping bags again.  Today it has been overcast with occasional light rain.  Regardless of the weather we're enjoying our time here.

Zen Again in the fascine
We've got a number of jobs done since arriving:

  • used the CYC laundry to wash all our sleeping bags and sea-rugs as well as usual laundry
  • topped up provisions at the local Woolworths (quite well stocked)
  • topped up fruit and veg at the local Saturday market (limited range but good quality and cheap)
  • topped up petrol supplies (for dinghy outboard motor)
  • fitted and tested new HF antenna tuner
  • changed engine oil and filters
  • lubricated Aires vane gear and replaced missing split pin
  • deck inspection found a nylock nut on the boom vang gooseneck is no longer "locking" so thread-locked it

New antenna tuner fitted
Servicing the engine
On Friday the CYC opens and puts on a good feed.  This week they had pumpkin soup followed by beef and chicken roast.  It was a chilly evening but there was quite a good turnout.  There is a small community of liveaboards whose boats are either in the marina or moored in the fascine.  On Tuesdays they gather ashore for a pizza evening.

US yacht Apogee (left) and Zen Again
We haven't yet decided when we'll depart Carnarvon.  Could be this week if the weather outlook continues to hold, or we may wait for our friends on Vulcan Spirit to catch up with us.

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