Monday, 6 July 2015

Monkey Mia

Hi everyone,
We've been here at Monkey Mia for nearly a week.  Time flies when having fun!  Tis a very relaxing place with lots of wildlife to watch and good facilities ashore.

We've enjoyed watching sunsets from the Boughshed restaurant.  Good coffee and fantastic view.  The restaurant is only a year old.  Last night we had a nice meal there at prices only slightly above those down south.

Boughshed restaurant
Each morning there are several dolphin feeding sessions which are very popular.  The dolphins come close to Zen Again once in a while, but the highlights have been seeing a huge turtle up close and a 2.5m tiger shark.  The latter checked us out thoroughly and convinced us not to swim off the boat!

Dolphin viewing/feeding session
Pelicans on the beach (where are all the humans?) 
There is a 4km walk marked from the resort which we explored one morning.  The red sand is spectacular and contrasts vividly with the green vegetation.  The walk returns to the resort along the beach which (as you can see in the photos) isn't red sand.

Zen Again from the beach S of the resort
The sand spit which shelters the anchorage
We've been welcome to use the resort's facilities.  This has allowed us top up our diesel and water supplies - the latter was free and desalinated.  Both were filled by dinghying jerry cans ashore.  Note that most water taps are non-potable bore water.  The staff can show you the potable water taps.

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