Monday, 6 July 2015

Jordan Series Drogue

Hi everyone,
We haven't spent all our time here at Monkey Mia watching the world go by.  We've also been working on the to-do list.

The biggest job has been assembling our Series Drogue.  These are assemblies of small nylon cones attached to rope in series.  The drogue is designed to be deployed over the stern of the boat to slow it down in very rough weather.  We purchased a set of 107 cones from Series Drogue Australia.  We saved $1000 on a fully assembled drogue but had to attach the cones to double-braid line for form the drogue.

Ready to start!
The finished product is about 45m long (without cone-less "leader")
Stowed ready to deploy
The only issue we encountered was the company not shipping the latch-hook recommended for attaching the cones.  They didn't even after we complained.  By experimentation we found that Nic's crochet hook worked very well.

To put credit where it is due, Nicki assembled 106 of the cones!

Other jobs done while here include:
  • assembly of a new Y-pattern anchor snubber to suit our new bow roller and bow cleats
  • re-attached side screens using shock-cord to help them survive the Indian Ocean
  • lots of HF radio testing, including contacting several boats over 1000nm away
  • Topped up water (140 litres) and diesel (20 litres)
The to-do list for Carnarvon is now reduced to fitting those items we've ordered recently and are now waiting there for us.  We'll top up water again of course and do an engine oil & filters service.  We expect to depart for Carnarvon in the early hours of tomorrow morning.  The plan is to catch the tide up the channel to the fascine tomorrow afternoon.

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