Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Cocos-Keeling Inbound Day 7

Hi everyone,
We are currently sailing along at 5.5 to 6 knots in a 12-18 knot SE breeze with full sail set.  We are heading directly for Cocos!  Our day's run was 120nm for a total of 962nm so far.  We have 375nm to run.  It is a bright sunny day with typical a tradewind sky of scattered cumulus clouds.  It feels like we're in the tropics now - the water and the air are both 28degC.

Yesterday afternoon we had a very pleasant sail, albeit with less sun than today.  The S wind gradually faded from 20 knots to 10 knots at 1700 (WA time still) then 2-3 knots at 1900.  Our speed gradually decreased which is reflected in our day's run.  We then motored until midnight with the sea completely "glassed out" (swell aside) for most of that time.  The GRIBs did suggest we'd get a calm patch - they're usually right about that. ;)

At midnight a gentle SSE wind came in and we shutdown the trusty donk.  We had a beautiful sail in 6-8 knots of breeze.  There was little cloud and the 3/4 waxing moon was spectacular.  The moon set at about 0300 and then the stars came out.  Twas tempting to crack the champers but we settled for the unadulterated champagne sailing with stunning view.

Here's this morning's sunrise…

This morning the wind gradually built to around 15 knots and we're making good progress.  Great sailing.

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