Thursday, 23 July 2015

Carnarvon Outbound Day 2

Hi everyone,
We are currently sailng on a course of 275M at about 6.5knots in a 20knot SE breeze. The swell seems to have reduced a little to 2m. Our position is 23 08S 109 29E. We have logged 138nm in the last 24 hours and 270nm in total. Distance to Cocos-Keeling is 980nm so we are about 1/4 of the way there.

Yesterday afternoon the wind gradually filled in. Later in the afternoon it got above 20knots and the boat was trucking along with one reef in the main and a well furled headsail. Overnight the wind moderated to 15knots or so and we had the full main back up. Our course gradually changed from 300M to 270M as the wind backed.

We've seen little shipping traffic so far - just two ships on Tuesday night and two last night. One of them last night was going to pass very close. We hailed him on both VHF 16 and via VHF DSC call with no response but a few minutes later he called us. He volunteered to change course to pass behind us. Always interesting watching ships at night when you're crossing their bows. I think last night's two ships were in the shipping lane between Fremantle and the Sunda Straits.

The weather continues to be completely overcast with occasional light rain. Not particularly pleasant on deck but its quite cosy below and we're sleeping well. It takes us a day or two to get into our cruising rhythm but we're just about there now. We're eating well despite the rolly conditions. Last night we had savoury beef with black beans and fresh green beans followed by freshly stewed rhubarb.

We are keeping in touch with Vulcan Spirit via HF. DSC routine calling is working well between the two of us. This morning they were about 60nm ESE of us. At 8pm each evening we also listen to the Indian Ocean Crosser's HF radio sked. A boat at Cocos is running the sked and several are on their way to and from Cocos at present. We hope to be heard as we close the range. Other yachts (mostly those which left SE Asia via Sri Lanka) are further west but have a different sked time/freq.

Trust all's well where you are.

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