Wednesday, 29 July 2015

On Eating Our Elephant

Hi everyone,
Previously I've mentioned "eating the elephant", or how we're planning to break down our cruise to Cape Town this year.  Clearly, the only way to eat an elephant is:
1.  Piece by Piece; and
2.  Without undue regard to the amount still to eat.

The following "elephant pie" charts illustrate the menu by size (distance) and duration (time enroute and resting).  The total distance is approx 6800nm.  The total planned duration is 6 months - June to December.

So distance-wise we are on target, having reached the 3 o'clock point so far.

Likewise, we are on schedule time-wise - exactly if we arrive on Friday!

We've allowed a week for each stage along the South African coast but this is an average.  We expect to move along the coast as weather allows, stopping only where bad weather dictates.  Exceptions are Knysna and Simon's Town which we'd really like to visit.

Few plans survive contact with reality, but so far so good!

Some reading this will say "shouldn't he be on lookout or something?".  Good point.

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  1. Hey! You can't go back on watch yet! Where is the update about the last 24 hour run, conditions commentary etc?

    Or has champagne sailing become boring already?

    Hope the conditions are still great. I see from the tracker you still seem to be making good progress, though it's speed recording seems a bit far fetched at times :-)