Saturday, 25 July 2015

Carnarvon Outbound Day 4

Hi everyone,
We are now at 19 14S 106 50E after a 24 hour run of 146nm and total of 571nm. We are heading 330M and doing about 5.5knots under deeply furled headsail and no main. The wind is 30-35knots from the ESE. Tis windy out here! We have 720nm to go to Cocos-Keeling.

The weather yesterday was overcast with persistent rain and winds around 25 knots. Overnight the wind gradually built up to 40knots. At 0500 we handed the main since we were starting to surf down waves (with trisail sized main and handkerchief-sized jib!). With the main down the ride improved. The boat is handling it all very well and all's well aboard.

This morning the wind has stayed around 30 knots and gradually swung towards the east. All the GRIBs say we should get out of this weather this evening. Vulcan Spirit is NE of us and this mornign they were sailing in much nicer conditions with only a little cloud. We're still looking forward to seeing the sun.

Thankfully we haven't encountered any traffic at all. We're relying on AIS to alert us to shipping. We appear to be well off any shipping lanes.

Hopefully we're earning some "credits" with the wind Gods on this passage. It is usually reported as being idyllic. Happy to trade this for an idyll from Reunion to Richards Bay!

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