Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Bali International Marina

Hi everyone,
We arrived at Benoa at 1030 today after 10 days and 1 hour at sea. Overall it was a great trip and the boat performed really well.  Here's our track, with zigzags showing we worked for the miles in the light downwind conditions!

Zen Again Track (in green)
Here's a quick summary of the passage...

* Distance Logged = 926nm
* GPS Distance = 1034nm
* Average boat speed = 4.3knots
* Free miles (from current) = 108nm
* Engine Hours = 38hours (all in gear)
* Percent Motoring = 18%
* Wind Range = 0 to 35 knots
* Damage = Boom gooseneck bracket pulled out of mast
* Loss = my favourite pair of pliers!

Our motor down the east coast of Bali was interesting. The current varied between 3 knots in our favour to 3 knots against us. Happily it was for us more than agin us. There were quite a few ferries darting across to/from Lombok, but little other traffic. The entrance channel to Benoa is well marked and easy to navigate.

Bali Volcano
Another wanna-be thunderstorm
Approaching Benoa
Bali Marina ahead (the big powerboat is moored at the marina)
Staff at the marina were ready to help us into the pen. The marina is small and constructed of concrete sections. The finger jetties have slatted wooden walkways over the concrete floats. It's all somewhat dilapidated. The "club house" has a nice restaurant but the showers are pretty disgusting. To top it off the marina is currently downwind of an extensive rubbish tip which is very smelly.

However, our purpose is to leave the boat somewhere safe, and the marina appears to be so. It is surrounded by land so the only wave action is from passing traffic. The staff are all very friendly and helpful.

Zen Again resting in the pen
Zen Again at Bali Marina with clubhouse in background
Robert and I had lunch at the cafeteria and the food was excellent. Soon after Robert departed to find better accommodation and I got to work cleaning up the boat.


  1. Congratulations on completing an epic voyage! Great effort!

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