Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Nongsa Outbound Morning Day 3

Hi everyone,
Another night at sea and we are now at 01 04.8S 107 03.4E, sailing along gently at about 4 knots with a NNE wind of 6-8 knots. During the night we passed several fishing boats with the closest being a few hundred metres away. A few ships passed with the closest at about a mile. We picked up most cargo vessels on AIS about 20nm away.

During the night we passed several floats which appeared to be anchored. Presumably pots or nets under them but happily we didn't snag any of them. This morning, during twilight, we passed a large metal drum which would have done the paintwork no good at all had we hit it. We ran over a bamboo pole a moment ago, so it's all happening. The bamboo may have knocked off some barnacles.

So far we have logged about 220nm. We have about 100nm to run to our next waypoint between Borneo and the island of Belitung. That's just short of half way to the island of Bawean, and one third of the overall distance to Bali.

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