Friday, 7 March 2014

Nongsa Outbound Afternoon Day 5

Hi everyone,
We've had a great day's sailing today, which helped us get over the concern about our engine shaft seal. All the weather forecasts said we should expect slightly higher winds once we cleared the passage between Borneo and Belitung, and so it has been. We are currently doing 4.5 knots on a course of 140 at 03 48.5S 110 06.5E.

We spent the morning trying out sailing directly downwind with the jib goosewinged. This afternoon we switched to a broad reach with the jib just working well on the leeward side. I prefer the latter since the boat is more stable, sails faster and rolls less. I think our VMG towards the next waypoint is better despite not pointing at it directly. It is fun experimenting with different sail settings and figuring out what's fast.

For happy hour we had a soft drink with crackers and cheese. Our cheese supply is running low, but we have enough crackers to last for months. For dinner we had Stag Chilli with Mexican Beans, followed by chilled Pineapple Pieces. Two courses!

We are very close to the half-way mark from Nongsa to Bali, so tomorrow the blog titles will changing from "Nongsa Outbound" to "Towards Bali". "Bali Inbound" would be tempting fate. So far we have logged 445nm and we have 490nm to go to Benoa.

Trust all's well where you are.

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