Sunday, 9 March 2014

Towards Bali Afternoon Day 7

Hi everyone,
What an eventful day! We are currently at 05 13.8S 113 06.2E, doing 6 knots on a course of 140. The wind is 15-18 from the WSW.

The morning started well with a WNW wind of about 15 knots. We were broad reaching along to the N of Bawean Island, timing our gybe to head for the passage W of Kangean Island. We had current with us so allowed for that in the timing of our gybe. We gybed and "bingo" we were broad reaching straight towards the waypoint 200 or no nm away. Then the sky got black.

We gradually shifted down through the gears from full main and No 2 to single-reefed main and No2 to single-reefed main & part-furled No 2 etc etc until we were under double-reefed main and staysail (=storm jib), close-reaching in a 30-35knot SW squall. The boat went really well as did the crew. Twas quite good fun really. The boat impaled one way which gave the side decks a thorough wash. Another wave side-swiped us and gave the cockpit a good drenching. Happily I was out of the way in the companionway at the time.

Sailing under double-reefed main and staysail (storm jib)

Double-reefed Main
The squall passed after an hour or so and we shifted back up through the gears to now having a single-reefed main and full No 2.

The fact that the squall brought SW winds caused me to change from the passage W of Kangean Island to the one we used in 2012 which is further west (E of Madura Island). We don't want to have to beat to Bali after reaching the Bali Sea so this seems a sensible change to our route. No doubt the wind will outsmart me again!

We skipped happy hour today since it was a little wet outside. I had mexcan style rice and Robert had baked beans for dinner. Amazing how much one can eat when one suddenly gets some exercise!

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