Monday, 10 March 2014

Towards Bali Afternoon Day 8

Hi everyone,
We've had a relatively quiet day today after the boom bracket repairs earlier in the day. The wind has swung back from SW to WNW and has been between 6 and 12 knots all day. The repair seems to be holding up very well. Currently we are at 06 45.1S 114 06.7E, heading 140 at 4 knots. We have 180nm to go to Benoa

Unfriendly cargo ship who insisted we "take his stern"
We had our second beer of the trip this afternoon to celebrate the successful repair. For dinner we are going to have Lamb Rogan Josh stew.

In a few hours we will pass through the strait into the Bali Sea. Hopefully there will be wind on the other side. On checking the charts I see the western half of the passage is a prohibited area. My thoughts went to marine habitat protection or some such but no, it is an old minefield! Better keep out of there. We'll be following the track we used in 2012 which was on the eastern side.

Trust all's well where you are.

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