Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Towards Bali Morning Day 9

Hi everyone,
This morning we're at 07 20.7S 114 29.7E, sailing at 3 knots on a course of 070. And we're in the Bali Sea!

Last night we transited the Sapudi Strait. Happily we jagged the timing and we had the tide with us. We only had 2 to 3 knots of boat speed so if the 2 knots of tidal current had been against us it would have been a slow transit! In the middle of the strait there were small overfalls and eddies which made the water very noisy. Only little waves of about 0.25m but many of them were breaking (which made the noise). There was a lot of bioluminescence in the water too. All very speccy.

An hour or so after clearing the strait a thunderstorm passed overhead. We had about 30 minutes of torrential rain, thankfully with only 15-20 knots of wind. The lightning and thunder were very impressive. At one stage I was watching a bird flapping around our masthead when I clearly saw a lightning bolt start right above us and spread out in all directions. I'm sure that's what I saw because it took five seconds of blinking to remove the image from my eyes. Another time I caught a flash while looking aft and again it took many seconds for the silhouette of the pushpit and vane gear to wipe itself out. Happily no damage at all and the sails and deck are now quite clean.

We're now sailing close-hauled on the best angle we can do towards Bali. The wind is of course coming straight from Bali at the moment. We have about 135nm to go.

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