Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Nongsa Outbound Afternoon Day 2

Hi everyone,
We've had another good day aboard. Wind gradually lessened from around 15 knots this morning to about 8 knots at present. We are at 00 38.8S 106 17.1E, heading 120.

It was a nice sunny day with scattered cumulus clouds passing by. Quite good visibility now. Perhaps half a dozen ships passed by, most some distance away. We passed about a dozen fishing vessels, most of which were anchored with nets nearby. There's frequently no other vessel in sight.

Food wise, we're starting to get hungry enough to cook! We just finished a very nice Stag Chilli with rice, and for happy hour we had cheese and biscuits with a soft drink. Apart from during the middle of the day the breeze is actually quite cool, so it's very nice out in the cockpit in the early morning and late afternoon for breakfast and dinner.

No other news to report. All well aboard and we're steadily putting the miles behind us.

Trust all's well where you are.

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