Thursday, 13 March 2014

Bali Marina Day 1

Hi everyone,
Today was a busy day with a bunch of jobs attended to:-
  • Sorted out food stocks and made list for initial restocking
  • Packed various items for return to Perth (some foodstuffs, alternator from old engine etc)
  • Visited Harbour Master and cleared into Benoa (no visits to Customs/Immigration required)
  • Arranged laundry
  • Sunned some of the cushions
  • Deflated and stowed dinghy
  • Arranged outboard motor repair
  • Bought "pulsa" (credit) for mobile phone and used some pulsa to buy data plan
  • Food shopping for immediate needs and restocking of some items for next passage
  • Obtained quote for hull cleaning and guarding services while the boat is unattended
  • Cleaned forepeak and head compartment
  • Cleaned forward half of engine compartment and checked oil/water/belts
  • Went "mining" in the main cockpit locker to extract all buried fenders and rigged them
  • Checked lazarette bilges (all clean & dry)
  • Rigged the deck awnings
  • Added photos to Nongsa to Benoa blogs
The outboard motor had been out of service since leaving Phuket.  It was stored the wrong way up while the refit was underway, leaking oil.  I also forgot to run the carburettor dry before shutting it down prior to the reft.  A local mechanic here at the marina had it running well within an hour.  The work cost Rp300,000 which is about A$30.  The same work would probably have set me back A$200 at home.

The engine checks revealed the V-belt is very badly worn.  It has been throwing off black bits since first installation, but is now _very_ badly worn.  I can only presume I have not had it tight enough.  I have two spares so will fit one before leaving Bali.  I'll also change the oil, oil filter and fuel filters so we have 100 hours of running for the next passage.

Twas a busy but fun day!

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