Friday, 14 March 2014

Bali Marina Day 2

Hi everyone,
Today was a busy cruising day - more boat maintenance in an exotic location.

Engine Compartment with "bling"
Here's what I got done...

* Restowed kit to free up space in the quarterberth - it's a long time since we've seen the cushion!
* Cleaned saloon area, including galley and navstation
* Transferred 60 litres of diesel from jerries to main tank to fill the latter
* Arranged refill of three diesel jerries (Rp9,700/litre + Rp200,000 delivery)
* Partially refilled main water tanks from 80 litres in jerries
* Arranged delivery of four 19 litre "galons" of potable water
* Cleaned engine of V-belt dust
* Refitted oil pressure sensor to avoid V-belt wear (my mistake!)
* Replaced engine V-belt
* Chenged engine fuel primary and secondary filters
* Chenged engine oil and oil filter
* Test-ran engine following service
* Collected laundry and dropped off more
* Fitted sound insulation panels to walls and roof of engine compartment
* Oversaw local man Herman who cleaned the hull underwater while I was servicing the engine

Craftsman Marine do make good-looking engines
(or perhaps I've been aboard too long!)
As you can see, most of today's activities were engine related, making sure the boat is ready for a quick escape when we return for the next leg of our voyage home.

Trust you're having as much fun where you are! ;)

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