Saturday, 15 March 2014

Bali Marina Day 3

Hi everyone,
Another day in paradise!  More jobs expunged from the to-do list...

  • Replaced engine throttle and gear-shift morse cables with shorter cables
  • Filled water tanks from 19 litre "galons"
  • Obtained 10 litres of engine oil
  • Visited Carrefour supermarket to buy washing sponges, canned fruit & Bali coffee beans
  • Local mechanic took a look at our engine alignment and shaft seal, and declared them OK
  • Started cleaning the upholstery/cushions using AutoGlym
  • Start researching anchorages in the Montebello and Abrolhos Islands

The morse cable replacement made a huge difference to the "feel" of the engine controls.  The old cables were at least twice as long - needing two full loops - and the friction in the system was significant.  The new ones were a perfect fit.  Most importantly the gear shift cable is now properly connected, compared to the old one which relied on elastoplast!

The local mechanic's opinion offers comfort about the movement in the PSS shaft seal bellows.  I will replace the seal and have the engine alignment checked when we get home to Fremantle.

AutoGlym is an interior shampoo which works well for us.  In addition to having Royal appointments from HM the Queen and HRH the Prince of Wales it is used by Aston Martin, Jaguar and Morgan!  Suffice to say it just works.  ;)

Not much more work to do before "leaving on a jet plane" on Monday morning.

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