Sunday, 2 March 2014

Nongsa Point Day 3

Hi everyone,
Today we took care of the final set of jobs preparing the boat for the passage across the Java Sea towards Bali.  These included:
  • Topping up the main fuel tanks and refilling the emptied jerry cans;
  • Fitting sound insulation panels to the front, side and rear access panels to the engine; 
  • Downloading detailed GRIB files for next week or so;
  • Setting up our PredictWind Satellite Communicator to email us routing recommendations;
  • Fitting the Aries wind gear water vane; and
  • Hacking off yet more barnacles.
The last item was terminated at the now time-honoured milestone of my becoming sufficiently tired to let one of the barnacles draw blood.  After stemming the slightly spectacular blood flow and applying antiseptic I went for a swim in the resort pool which was very refreshing.

Robert and I had lunch at the resort - a three course meal with one free drink for S$13.  Excellent value.  It's a nice day here at Nongsa with very little cloud and a reassuring wind which lasts all day and night but is strongest in the afternoon and evening.  Enjoying a lazy afternoon with the to-do list empty of priority items.

Zen Again at Nongsa Point
We have arranged for our port clearance to be issued tomorrow morning, and as soon as that's aboard we'll depart Nongsa Point towards Bali.  We currently expect to take a break at Bawean (Google it to find it), but may stop earlier if we need more fuel.  Hopefully the wind will be as forecast - about 10 knots or so.  Or more please hughie!  It looks like the westerlies are gradually fading away but we hope they'll last another month for friends who are doing the same trip then.

Trust all's well where you are.

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