Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Towards Bali Afternoon Day 9

Hi everyone,
A few hours after the preceding blog the wind died out to a flat calm. So it was time to try the motor. We've now been motoring for most of the day and so far so good - no sign of any water in the engine bilge. We're checking it regularly. Right now we are in position 07 57.5S 115 14.7E, heading 130 at 4.5 knots.

Glassing Out
There has been no wind at all from mid-morning until now, and we are motoring along still with a nice 4.5 knot "apparent head wind". This afternoon we started passing big fish traps, the kind which are about 3m *1.5m rafts with "masts" on top with a flag. They are moored in 900m of water! Happily they are widely spaced but we'll have to be very careful tonight.

During the afternoon we motored under a cloud and just as we got under it, it dumped torrential rain on us with no wind. Another nice clean off for the decks. Speaking of cleaning, I spent a couple of hours today washing and polishing the stainless steel on deck. One less job to do when we're in the pen.

Deck washing!
We have less than 80nm to run to Benoa - just a short Fremantle to Bunbury trip!

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